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12-Subject Digital Notebook - Portrait Mode

12-Subject Digital Notebook - Portrait Mode

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• Seamlessly hyperlinked design for quick and easy navigation
• Includes 2 themes - Pastel & Boho
• 12 sections linked to its own cover page
• 31 note templates can be duplicated and inserted to sections as many times as you like (Hyperlinks of the duplicates still work! Easy for navigation)
• 400+ essential stickers preinstalled in GoodNotes file for easy access
• FREE 1400+ precropped digital stickers in varying colors (individual PNG files)
• for iPads in PDF annotation apps (GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf, etc.)


This product works with a PDF annotation app.

Compatible apps for different devices:

1) iPad / iPhone
Goodnotes (Recommended), Noteful, Notability, Noteshelf, etc.

2) Android tablet /phone
Noteshelf, Goodnotes, Xodo, etc.

3) Mac
Goodnotes, Notability, etc.

4) Windows/Surface pro
Drawboard pdf, PDF Annotator, Goodnotes, etc


What is Included

• Digital Notebook PDF X 2 (Pastel & Boho)
• Cover X 12 (JEPGs)
• GoodNotes Stickers Book (400+ preinstalled & precropped stickers for GoodNotes ONLY)
• 1400+ individual precropped stickers (PNGs)
• User Guide


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