Can I download the planner to different devices? How many times can I download it?

You can download the planner on any of your devices, and you can re-download it as many times as you like.

What's the difference between a dated planner and an undated planner? Is it hard to set up an undated planner?

Our undated planner can be reused year after year. But you need to fill out dates for yearly, monthly & weekly pages for a particular year. 365 dated daily pages (weekday not specified) are ready to use. We provide an Instructional video on how to set up the undated planner more quickly and easily.

Dated planner is fully ready to use.

If you're very new to digital planner, we would recommend you try the dated one first.

Can the planner auto-fit the screen of my tablet when I rotate the screen?

The planner is essentially a PDF document that is preset in one orientation. So when you rotate the screen, the orientation of the planner stays the same. If you usually hold your ipad vertically, we recommend the portrait mode planner. Otherwise, the landscape mode planner is a more popular choice.

Can the planner be switched between Light and Dark Mode?

No. The background colour of the planner is preset. You can only have it in either light or dark mode.

Does the planner sync to Google calendar / iOS calendar?

Introducing our latest feature: easily schedule events at precise times and dates in your Google or Apple Calendar directly from the planner. Please note that this feature does not offer automatic synchronization between the planner and your calendar. However, you can copy and paste the event details. For a detailed demonstration, check out our video demos.

Digital Planner that links to Apple Calendar

Digital Planner that links to Google Calendar

Why do the hyperlinks don't seem to work on my device?

In Goodnotes 6, to enable hyperlinks, please click on the Pen icon at the top center to turn on the ‘Read’ mode. * If you prefer to keep the 'Write' mode on, you can long press any links and click 'Open link'.

If you use a different note-taking app, please check if there is a read-only button such as Hand tool.

* The hyperlinks not working properly could also be a result of the planner not fully downloaded (missing pages). You can check the total page number of the original planner when it is in your Files app on your device. If the total page number of the planner in your note-taking app does not match the original planner file, please re-import the planner.

Do you take custom orders?

ForLittleLion is solely run by myself, I’m sorry I'm not able to take any custom orders for now. I will announce when custom orders are reopened.

Can I return a digital item?

Due to the digital nature of our products, all sales on this website are final. We don't accept refunds or exchanges. But if you have a probem with your digital files, please reach out.

I need help with my order!

If you need help downloading the planner or have any questions regarding your order, please reach out via CONTACT. * Please allow 1-2 days for a response.