ForLittleLion Ambassador Program Application

Basic Requirements

  • Have access to an iPad or Mac and the GoodNotes or Notability app.
  • Have an Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest account with at least 1000 followers.
  • Follow @forlittlelion on Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

Content Creation Requirements

You must create content using our free planner once a week and credit ForLittleLion as the planner creator (@ForLittleLion). You can choose to create content in the form of an Instagram post, blog post, or short/long video. 

* If your strategy is to create long YouTube videos, you’re not required to post once a week. We value content quality over quantity. If you’re the right fit, we can discuss the posting frequency that best suits you.


To demonstrate that you’re the right fit for this role, create a post using one of the following planners and tag us @forlittlelion in your post. We’re currently only open to Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.

* This demonstration is also for you to show genuine interest in the Ambassador Program and a willingness to promote our brand through your social media.

*Click to download the planner

Join the Affiliate Program

As an affiliate, you'll earn a 20% commission for every successful referral. If we establish a long-term partnership, you could earn up to 50% commission.

* If you're not interested in the Affiliate Program, you can still join the Ambassador Program.

How To Submit My Application

Once you confirmed that you can meet the Basic and Content Creation requirements and have completed the demonstration part, please email your social media account name and the link to your demonstration post to with the email title “Apply for ForLittleLion Ambassador Program.”